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Beeline Velo 2 & Moto

Never get lost again!

Sat navigation for your bike, motorcycle, or scooter.

What Is It?

The Beeline Velo 2 and the Beeline Moto are bluetooth-enabled devices that attach to the handlebars of your bike, motorcycle, or scooter. You use a free app (Android or iPhone) to connect the device to your smartphone so it can use your phone’s GPS to direct you to your destination.

Your phone’s in your pocket or bag, but glanceable, easy-to-follow turn-by-turn navigation is on your bike. Don’t be that person riding a bike while checking your phone — and never get lost again!

Is That It?

That’s the bones of it — but it does a bit more, including tracking your current speed, your average speed, distance to destination, estimated time of arrival, distance travelled (in kph, mph, and minutes), as well as displaying the current time.

In Toronto, and various other cities around the world, the Velo 2 and Moto also use Smart Routing: real-world feedback from riders, combined with cycling network data and your preferences to create routes you can trust. Users can provide feedback on good and bad roads and the software crowd-sources this information to give all riders the best route possible.

Anything Else?


  • The battery is long-lasting, has an 18 month standby,  and charges via USB-C with the included cable.
  • Bright screen, visible at night and in full sunlight.
  • When choosing a route, you can pick between fastest and quietest (ie, safest) or a balance of those two. For instance, I often ride to Mississauga. Fastest takes me along Lakeshore Blvd. Quietest takes me along the lake’s bike path.
  • Audible cues for upcoming turns, so you only have to look at the device when necessary.
  • Super easy attachment and removal with just a twist. Easily fits in your pocket or bag.
  • Weather-proof!
  • Industry-leading support, a one year world-wide warranty that goes above-and-beyond, and easy repairs.
  • Integrates with Strava, though that’s not necessary for operation.
  • Free Ride option. Don’t need directions but still want your Beeline to display and record your stats? Just hit RECORD on the app and then start riding.


The Velo 2 works great on a bike. I have one and love it. However, if you ride a motorcycle the Moto is recommended. For the most part, the Moto and the Velo 2 have the same functionality. Here are the differences:

  • The Moto has physical buttons, as opposed to capacitive touch buttons on the Velo 2. These make the Moto easier to use if you’re wearing motorcycling gloves.
  • The mounts available for Moto are better suited to motorcycle bars and offer more vibration damping than the Velo 2 mount.
  • The Moto is fully waterproof and dust proof (IP67 rated), whilst the Velo 2 is water resistant (IP66).
  • The Velo 2 has an 11+ hour battery. The Moto battery lasts between 10 and 30 hours, depending on the mode chosen.
  • The Velo 2 charges via USB-C and includes a USB-A to USB-C charge cable (you can of course use your own). The Moto charges via an included pogo pin interface (a dock) that plugs into a USB-A charger or laptop.
  • The Moto offers navigation routes specifically for motorcycles, including indicators on the device for roundabouts, forks in the road, and motorway lanes.
  • The Moto has a faster processor, which provides smoother graphics performance and allows it to support current and future features developed specifically for using on motorcycles and scooters.
  • The Moto is available in either plastic or metal editions. The Velo 2 is plastic only.

If you’re a cyclist and prefer the metal casing or other Moto-features, you can use the Moto and disable the motorcycle-specific software options in the settings.

If you ride a motorcycle and a bicycle, you should purchase a Moto and an extra mount for your bike. You can then easily move the device between your two vehicles.

My Experience

I’ve been using my Velo 2 since the beginning of July, riding pretty much daily — often as much as 75km per day. I really like it, which is why I reached out to them about carrying the device.


At the moment, Volver is the only store in Canada offering these. They haven’t promised it to me exclusively, but they have told me I’m the only Canadian stockist so far.
A limited number of Velo 2 will be arriving at Volver at the end of August. If you’d like one, text 416 556 6278 to reserve. Prices are below.


The Beeline Velo 2 is $130.
The Beeline Moto in Plastic is $270 and is black.
The Beeline Moto in metal is $350 and available in Gunmetal or Silver.

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