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Blunt Umbrellas

Pray for Rain

Blunt Umbrellas are built to last, come with a 2 year warranty, and have easily replaceable parts. Simply put: these are the best umbrellas I’ve been able to find.


Lets face it — nobody likes umbrellas. They’re fragile, ugly, and shoddily made.

Blunt Umbrellas are different. They’re built-to-last, come in a range of gorgeous colors, and have a global 2 year warranty. They can withstand brutal winds and block 96% of harmful UV rays.

Blunt’s canopy will keep you protected and have been wind tunnel tested to a Category 1 Hurricane (115km/h).

Available in five different sizes — everything from compact / folding Metro to the golfer’s dream Sport model, measuring more than four and a half-feet wide.


Below I’ve listed the models, sizes, and colors. Underlined colors are in stock. Other colors are special orders.

Check out the embedded video to see all five sizes and their features.

THE METRO – $100

Compact, folding, comes with a protective sleeve.
Available colors: yellow, pink, mint, sky blue, navy, orange, green, grey, black, red.
Length, closed: 37.5cm. Diameter: 100cm.

THE COUPE – $100

Meant for kids, petite folks or short trips.
Available colors: yellow, navy, black.
Length, closed: 73.5cm. Diameter: 105cm.


The “standard” size.
Available colors: yellow, sky blue, navy, orange, grey, black, red.
Length, closed: 84cm. Diameter: 120cm.


Great for couples or doormen.
Available colors: sky blue, navy, grey, black, red.
Length, closed: 95.5cm. Diameter: 138cm.

THE SPORT – $170

Voted best umbrella for Golfers.
Available colors: navy, grey, black.
Length, closed: 99cm. Diameter: 146cm.

Text 416 556 6278 to secure yours.

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