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CW&T Pen Type-C

is a flat, durable bookmark pen.

Perfect for everyday carry in a pocket or tucked in a notebook.


The CW&T Pen Type-C is a is a flat, durable bookmark pen that is perfect for Every Day Carry.

Stick it in your pant pocket, slide it in a shirt pocket, or clip it to your bag. Pen Type-C is just 3.5 mm thin — thin enough to use as a bookmark, perfect for clipping to your sketchbook, notebook, or diary.
If you’d rather go clipless, you can remove the screws and the clip with a flathead screwdriver.

Bent spring steel protects the tip when not in use. Flip it around to snap into writing position.

It’s  precision machined to house a Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto ink cartridge, a high quality cartridge that never dries or leaks. The inexpensive cartridge is called G-Tec C in Canada and they’re available from Amazon, Staples, or locally from the fantastic Wonder Pens.

The cartridge comes in 15 colors and multiple thicknesses. Designed for clicky pens, they’re engineered to be exposed to air and not dry or leak.

As with other CW&T products. Pen Type-C is machined out of high quality materials with longevity in mind. It’s made of grade 5 titanium. Volver offers it  with White or Black Cerakote coating. Other colors are now sold out. Check the photos below to see the colors.

$95 – In Stock
Text 416 556 6278 to schedule a pickup.

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