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Freitag F60 Joan

is Freitag’s bike handlebar bag. (SOLD OUT)


The F60 Joan is one of three bike bags Freitag used to manufacture — they also had a frame bag (F31 Knight Rider) and a saddle bag (F154 Granger).
This particular Joan is new without the tags. I’ve owned it for a number of years but have never actually used it because my bike permanently has an F31 Knight Rider strapped to it and I’ve never needed to carry anything more when cycling.
The Velcro is unused and the zippers are as smooth-running as the day they were born.
The Joan is no longer in production. I think they retired the model in 2019. This Joan is the only one I’ve ever seen in Toronto.


These two videos show off the Joan’s features.


  1. Zippered exterior front pocket
  2. Zippered exterior rear pocket
  3. Zippered interior pocket
  4. Main vessel with double zippers
  5. Two velcro handlebar straps that can be tucked into rear pocket
  6. Two tension straps that can be used to adjust size or secure items to the exterior (magazines, poster tubes, yoga mat, umbrella…)
  7. Shoulder strap

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