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Full Windsor Splitter

Titanium Multi Tongs

3-in-1 Titanium Tongs, Spatula, & Spork. Disassembles and packs for easy storage and carry.


What makes the Full Windsor Splitter the ideal kitchen tool? Adaptability and compactness.

The spatula is perfect: the thin flipper is able to get under anything from a thick burger to a thin frying egg. The handle’s long enough to keep your hand away from the heat, whether that be an electric stove or the open flame of a campsite. Bonus points for titanium being terrible at conducting heat so you can rest the tool on your pan without worry of burning your hand when you pick it up.

The spork is long enough to get to the bottom of a dry-goods bag or jar, and deep enough to spoon out a good portion.

Click the spork and spatula together and you get wonderful, wide-mouth tongs, perfect for gripping bacon, steak, grilled veggies, corn on the cob, or for tossing salad.. Again, those long handles keep you away from the heat.

When not in use, the spork and spatula spoon together with a click for easy tucking in your kitchen drawer or backpack.

Text 416 556 6278 to schedule a pickup.

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