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High Camp Flasks

Impeccably engineered. Designed to last a lifetime.


High Camp make the best flasks I’ve been able to find. Available in three different sizes, each is vacuum-insulated and offered in four finishes: copper, gunmetal black, British racing green, or stainless steel.
All products are double-walled 18 / 8 food-grade stainless steel for temperature control. Whether you prefer your drinks toasty or frosty, they’ll stay that way — for up to 24 hours.
Interiors are electropolished making cleaning as simple as rinsing it out with warm soapy water. Like all double-walled products, dishwashers aren’t recommended.


The Torch Flask is a pocket flask and holds 6oz (that’s two martinis where I come from), whereas the Firelight Flask comes in 750ml and 375ml sizes. 750ml is enough to hold a fifth of your favorite spirit or a full bottle of wine.
The Firelights have drip-proof lips and all sizes have wide mouths for easy filling and quick cleaning (the Torch’s bottom screws off; the Firelights fill from the top) — no funnel to use means no funnel to lose!
The 375 comes with a tumbler. The 750 comes with two. The pocket flask has a 3oz shot glass.
Get this, the shot glass and tumblers are:
  • magnetically secured to the flasks so they won’t get lost;
  • double-walled so the temperature of your hand won’t affect the temperature of your drink, and vice versa;
  • grooved for a non-slip grip;
  • 11oz (tumblers) and 3oz (shot glass).
All High Camp products are BPA & phthalate-free and, because they’re 100% 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, they contain no plastic.


The Torch Pocket Flask is $130.
The Firelight 375 is $120.
The Firelight 750 is $165.
All High Camp products come with a lifetime warranty.


Text 416 556 6278 by November 21 to pre-order your preferred size and color. These will arrive in time for Christmas.

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