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inCharge Cables

are the best charging cables I've ever used.


They’re ruggedly built and ingeniously designed — small, portable, adaptable. Just one cable can charge most devices: Android phones and tablets, iPhones, MacBooks, and iPads — and much more. They can even be used for high-speed data-transfer.

The X is so small it can fit on your keychain so you’ll never be without a charge cable. The X Max is 3 feet long and great for laptops.

In fact, the only difference between the X and X Max is the length. Both allow USB-C to USB-C ultra fast charging up to 100W and Apple’s fast charging up to 18W. Thanks to its proprietary chip, they can even charge laptops and tablets.

Then there’s the XL, which is offered in three different lengths: 1 foot, 6.5 feet, or 10 feet. The XL is the latest and greatest from Rolling Square — all the benefits of the previous design in a stronger, longer cable.

Both Cables Can Charge

  • USB-C  < == > USB-C
  • USB-C < == > Micro-USB
  • USB-C < == > Lightning
  • USB-A < == > USB-C
  • USB-A < == > Micro-USB
  • USB-A < == > Lightning

What Do I Charged With Mine?

  • MacBook Air M1 and Google Pixelbook laptops
  • OnePlus 8 Pro and Galaxy Note20 Ultra Android phones
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Headphones
  • iPhone 6, 8, and 12 Pro Max
  • Onyx Boox Nova2 and Kindle Paperwhite eReaders
  • Eufy Bathroom Scale
  • Lights and Orp for my bike
  • BluRams Camera Doorbell
  • iPad Air
  • Nothing Ear One Headphones


  • inCharge X – Blue – $40
  • inCharge X – Black – $40
  • inCharge X Max – Black – $50
Text 416 556 6278 to schedule a pickup.
More photos below.

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