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Water Bottle & Hydration System

The Swiss Army Knife of water bottles.


MODL is a flexible, collapsible, and adaptable water bottle. It’s made with food-grade silicone, polypropylene, and 316 stainless steel. It holds 36 oz — that’s more than a litre — opens at both ends for easy cleaning, and is dishwasher-safe. You can even put in the freezer.

MODL is also BPA free and its production has been deemed Climate Neutral Certified.

Lets go over some of this:

Flexible? Collapsible?

Because the MODL body is made of silicone, it’s squeezable, great for increasing water flow. When the MODL is empty, you can press it to mostly-flat and slide it in your bag, which is great for packing and getting through airport security. It takes up much less space in your luggage than an empty stainless steel bottle.


MODL stands for MODular bottLe.

The company offers add-ons, called Mods, which change how you use the bottle.

So, instead of being a bottle with a wide-mouth for drinking, you can mod out the cap, giving it a nozzle for squirting, like a “sports bottle,” or swap in the Rinse Mod lid to turn your MODL into a portable shower to wash sand from your feet, mud from your gear, or to cool down your dog.

Want to hydrate without digging through your backpack or taking your hands off your bike bars? Use the Flow Mod to drink on the go.

There’s even a filtration mod, called Pure Mod, that removes 99.9% of bacteria and protozoa, great for campers looking to safely drink from rivers and streams.


The basic MODL is $50 and consists of:

1 MODL Bottle
1 Go MOD (a bite-valve sports caps)
1 Black LifeLoop (a fixed-length silicone strap)
2 Black SuperLoops (adjustable-length silicone straps) for fastening your MODL to things like your bike, backpack, a branch, or anything you like)

MODL is in stock in Glacier Blue or Evergreen.

Additional MODS are priced as follows, but are available at a discounted rate when bundled with your MODL:

Sling (shoulder / waist strap) $20
Rinse (shower lid) $20
Flow (hydration straw with magnet clasp) $25
Pure (water filter) $32 (good for 3000L!)


Save by purchasing MODS at the same time you purchase your MODL. Bundled MODLs include everything that comes with the basic MODL (see above).

Move: MODL + Sling $65 (save $5)
Ride: MODL + Flow + Sling $85 (save $10)
Explore: MODL + Sling + Pure + Flow $115 (save $12)
Pioneer: MODL + Flow + Sling + Pure + Rinse (all Mods) $130 (save $17)

Is That Everything?


However, I will add that not only is the MODL itself ingeniously designed, but the Mods are also pretty clever.

For instance, the Flow hydration straw comes with a magnetic clip that allows you to fasten it to a bag, your handlebars, or anything else. The Flow passes through the clip at whatever point you wish, keeping the end of the straw where you’d like for quick access.

The included Go (sports nozzle) is a bite-valve, which ensures your MODL will auto-seal after every sip so you don’t have to worry about spilling — and the nozzle cover will make sure your drinking surface stays squeaky clean. It also attaches to an included straw so that you can suck the water up rather than tilting your head back, useful when you’ve gotta keep your eyes looking forward.

The Rinse Mod isn’t just a lid with holes. You have to squeeze the MODL to make water squirt out. This ensures the MODL doesn’t run out of water when you’re not using it. Hang it from a tree branch with the included straps and it just hangs like a shower head until you step under and squeeze.

The Pure Mod can be placed inside the bottle for when you’re on the go, filtering water as you drink. Or, if you’re stationary, you can connect it to the outside of the bottle and filter water to fill other vessels, allowing you to filter water for other people in your party.

I realize some of this may sound a little abstract so have included a bunch of pitures below which will help you see what I mean.

Get Yours

To purchase your MODL, text 416 556 6278 to schedule a pickup. I have Glacier Blue or Evergreen in stock. I also have one Pioneer Bundle (Blue or Green) and one Rinse Cap in stock. Other MODs are special orders.

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