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Nick Drake

Five Leaves Left

UK, 1972 “pink rim” pressing. Gatefold jacket by “Ernest J. & Day Co, Ltd,” which makes it the first pink rim reissue (it was pressed twice in ’72). Record plays through without issue but has underlying crackle, sometimes very, very faint and other times a little louder, though the music rises above it consistently. Cover is intact with minimal wear. Best copy I’ve ever found.

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The Nils / Paisley / 1995

Hand-numbered 1995 reissue. Includes both inserts. Record in fantastic shape. Cover has minimal wear. In 1995 Mag Wheel Records printed new sleeves (not silk-screened) for 330 unsold original 1986 disks, hand-numbered on the back. Comes with two inserts - a small Mag Wheel Records flyer and a sheet with the explanation about the record and the covers. $40
December 7, 2023