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is an all-in-one bike bell, horn, and light. Mine’s saved my ass many times.


The Orp is currently out of stock. I spoke with the company’s owner in August, 2022, and he told me they’re having supply chain issues and can’t give a firm ETA. If you’d like to be notified when I have access to more inventory, shoot me a text and I’ll add you to the announcement list. No commitment on your part now — you can decide when I have a firm shipping date. You can also join the mailing list as I will announce any news through that.
And now…

The Orp

With its magic Wail-Tail!

The Orp wraps onto your bike’s handlebars and acts as a bell, a horn, and a light. It’s dead simple to operate and extremely effective.

It’s rechargeable, with a long-lasting battery.

How It Works

It’s easier to show you how an Orp works than it is to describe. Check out this video:


  1. Friendly bell sound for alerting pedestrians (76db)
  2. Loud horn sound for alerting drivers (96db)
  3. Anti-door mode for riding in heavy, noisy traffic
  4. Anti-bear mode for riding off-road or in rural environments
  5. Multiple light modes: strobe, fast-strobe, constant on, off

The Remorp

The Remorp is an optional add-on wired remote control that allows you to reposition the Orp anywhere on the bike’s bars without worrying about it being close to your thumb. Useful for cyclists who already have things on the bars in that location (gears, brakes, etc.).

Here’s a one-minute video of the Orp and Remorp in action:


ORP alone is $65
Remorp alone is $20
ORP + Remorp together is $80
More photos are below.

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