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Pinzat M Square Bag,

hand-painted by Daniel Tur.


Pinzat bags are unique because they are hand-painted — no two are the same. This is their medium shoulder bag and this particular one was done by Barcelona artist Daniel Tur.
I bought this bag from the Pinzat shop for about C$110 while living in Spain in 2017. It’s terrific for every day carry. It’s in great shape with no tears or holes or other nonsense.
One neat feature of Pinzat bags is that they have NFC technology built in. It’s sort of like QR codes, but you don’t have to take a picture. So, anyone with an NFC-enabled phone (most modern smartphones) can touch their phone to the logo and have your contact info appear on their phone, or have your website launch, etc. You simply have to “reprogram” the logo with a freely available NFC phone app. When I was in Spain recovering from my stroke, I used this to give people my contact information as it was easier than dealing with the language barrier.
This bag has one small issue: new, it comes with a strap that clicks on the rear, meant to be used by cyclists to keep the bag close to their body while cycling. I’ve misplaced the strap. I’m sure you could purchase one cheaply directly from Pinzat, but it’s really only necessary if you’re cycling.


  1. One of a kind, hand-painted (not a copy) by Daniel Tur
  2. Zippered rear pocket and zippered inner pocket
  3. Two internal pockets to separate your goods
  4. Large inner chamber
  5. Quick-release belt buckle for easy removal
  6. Wide, comfortable, and adjustable shoulder strap
  7. Removable small pouch (see photos)
  8. Up-cycled materials — keeping them out of landfill


  • 250 × 250 × 110 mm (l × h × w)
  • 9.84 × 9.84 × 4.33 inch (l × w × h)


  • Recycled PVC
  • Recycled car buckle
Used but in fantastic shape – $75
Text 416 556 6278 to schedule a pickup.
More photos are below.

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