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Twice Removed

A bit of an oddity, which I don’t see on Discogs. Record has a few small marks which let out a few clicks here and there but no loud pops, skips, or other nonsense. Intact cover and one label have OCA stickers (for Ontario College of Art), which changed its name to OCAD in ’96, so it must pre-date that and there were no other pressings between 94 and 96 so gotta be 94. Insert is in great shape.
  • DGC / MurdeRecords
  • Canada
  • Coke-bottle Green vinyl
Discogs has clear pressings, but not with DGC branding. Discogs has DGC branded pressings, but on black vinyl.
Because this has college radio branding, it’s possible there was an uncommon pressing that went out early to those places as promos.

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