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The Books

A Dot In Time.

2012 box set. Limited to 1000 copies in amazing shape. Most of the content is still sealed. 
Housed in a printed, heavy cardboard box.

This release includes the entire audio-visual output of The Books on 7 vinyl records, a DVD, a USB flash drive and a 56-page book.

– The cassette-shaped USB flash drive includes 320kbps MP3s of all 95 audio tracks.

– The “Freedom From Expression” DVD includes every video ever made by The Books, including several previously only seen in live concerts.

– The 56-page picture book includes many photos about the sport of golf which inspired the music video for “I Didn’t Know That”.


Text 416 556 6278 to book a pickup.

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New. Description from the label: "The 8th volume of the Cairo Soul Series. (Two more to go.) Gold foil print on front cover, double LP, with a 28 page 12 X 12 full color liner note booklet. This volume starts off relatively rocking with unexpected covers and unusual songs and slowly winds down into deeper and heavier material. Lots of Deep soul classics and more obscure gems." $70
September 27, 2022