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Vinyl Storage Solutions

Inner & Outer Sleeves

Available in 7″ / 10″ / 12″ formats.

Inner Sleeves

I used to get inner sleeves made locally, but during the pandemic my supplier (who also did their own manufacturing) stopped responding to emails.

As a result, I’ve been using VSS 2mil “MoFi-style” inner sleeves for about a year and have been pretty happy with them. I include them in about 95% of the records I sell and a number of people have asked about buying them from me, so I’ve decided to bring them in. My only complaint about them is that they’re not made locally. Not a great carbon footprint. I’ll keep looking for a local alternative but I’m betting none exists.

10" & 12" Pricing

25 for $14 or 100 for $50

7" Pricing

25 for $12.50 or 100 for $48

Outer Sleeves

Vinyl Storage Solutions manufactures multiple types of outer sleeves, all of which are 4mil. They can be broken into a few categories:

Single-Pocket vs. Dual-Pocket

A Single-Pocket Sleeve is similar to a standard album cover: sealed on 3 sides and open on one. The record slides in or out. Simple.
Single-Pocket sleeve are available in 7″, 10″, and 12″ formats.
A Dual-Pocket Sleeve is like a single-pocket sleeve with another piece of plastic affixed inside which divides the main compartment into two, allowing you to put the record cover and the LP into their own compartments so that they are not rubbing against one another.
All dual-pocket sleeves come with a flap.
The purpose of the flap is to keep the contents from accidentally sliding out and dust from getting in. It’s also more “archival”.
The best way to understand single- vs. dual-pocket sleeves is to watch the first video embedded on this page.

Tuckable Flap vs. Sealable Flap

A tuckable flap has no glue and simply tucks into the main compartment.
A resealable flap has a sticky substance that allows the sleeve to be re-sealed over and over again. Many of you will be familiar with these kinds of outer sleeves on Japanese pressings.
The best way to understand the sealable flaps is to watch the second video embedded on this page — their use for gatefold covers is also explained.

Single Pocket Pricing — 12"

These are available in two slightly different sizes: standard (fits most LPs) or large (recommended for MoFi, Tone Poet, and other oversized jackets).
Standard – 25 for $16 or 100 for $60
Large – 25 for $22 or 100 for $80

Single Pocket Pricing — 10"

25 for $15 or 100 for $56

Single Pocket Pricing — 7"

25 for $13 or 100 for $48

Dual Pocket Pricing — 12"

Sealable Flap – 25 for $29 or 100 for $108
Tuckable Flap – 25 for $31.50 or 100 for $120

Why is the pricing so wonky?!

The sleeve prices are set by the manufacturer and I’m contractually obligated to follow them. They’re the only product I carry that I don’t set the prices on.