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Vinyl Storage Solutions

Inner & Outer Sleeves

Inner Sleeves

I’ve been using Vinyl Storage Solutions 2mil “MoFi-style” inner sleeves since late 2020 and people seem really happy with them. I include them in about 95% of the records I sell and a number of people have asked about buying them from me, so I’ve decided to bring them in.


25 for $17 or 100 for $58

Outer Sleeves

Vinyl Storage Solutions manufactures multiple types of outer sleeves, all of which are 4mil. However, I only stock the Dual Pocket Resealable model because that is the one I personally use and the one I put on all the records I sell.

A Dual-Pocket Sleeve has one resealable pocket that holds the album cover and a second pocket that’s open-ended and which holds the record. This allows that listener to remove the vinyl and listen without disturbing the cover, which can remain sealed and in the same condition as the day it was purchased.
25 for $30 or 100 for $110

How To Purchase

Text or call 416 556 6278 to book an appointment to pick up your inner sleeves. Volver does not ship. Confused? Read how it works.